Node Validator for Telos Protocol(TLOS) : Popularly known as cleanest blockchain, is the third-generation blockchain platform for building fast, scalable distributed applications with feeless transactions. The Telos network has been developed to power the economies of the future and provide human-scale solutions to global challenges. With these goals in mind, it includes innovative governance features that empower organizations to shift influence and decision-making to a more collaborative and transparent model.

About the Founder

Avinash Anad is the founder of PrintBloks(100% owned and operated), BP for Telos, a web 3.0 solution, fueled by TLOS. Also, The founder of Datascience4life Labs: An AIaaS Platform being designed to provide unsupervised, unbiased and self optimizing solutions.

Focused on Result driven, DevOps, Data Analyst and Data Engineer with 12+ Years of exposure to extensive range of responsibilities in Clinical Trials, Media Analytics and FinTech business domains.

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